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Our Fee For An Expunction Or Non-Disclosure


Payment Plans of $250 or $500 Per Month!

You provide us with the necessary detail regarding your case or cases and we will determine if you are eligible for an expunction or non-disclosure (record sealed.)

  • What Our Firm Will Do For You:
  • Access Your Criminal File
  • Pay All The Fees Associated With Obtaining Court Record
  • Prepare The Expunction or Non-Disclosure
  • File The Expunction or Non-Disclosure
  • Pay The Filing Fees
  • Prepare Responses To Any Objections To your Expunction or Non-Disclosure
  • Represent You In Any Court Hearing On The Expunction Or Non-Disclosure

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About Us

Since reentering private practice, Craig has collected in the tens of millions for his clients on their negligence claims. His clients have included the famous, infamous and the common man.

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